40 Days of Transformation.

The immersive process was designed this way intentionally to give founders the chance to step out of the sometimes chaotic climate of the business and allow them the chance to work ON the business.

The Purpose Led Business School is a blend of online and offline experiences designed to expedite growth. Over the course of 40 days, you’ll have two 5-day in-person modules and weekly online support to help you implement and activate.


The first module is based on the Human Dynamics aspects — allowing you to understand how to:

  • Shape the culture of the business on purpose rather than default.

  • align hiring processes.

  • Design your own roadmap around the kind of climate you’d like to shape for the most profound impact.

Module two centres around Business Mechanics. It gives you the structure and tools you’ll need to establish:

  • A clear understanding of where to invest money, time and energy in various aspects of the business.

  • Processes that’ll allow you to let your ship sail itself so you can get back to leading the company rather than working in it.

  • Free up mental space and know exactly what to do given your purpose & where you’re planning on going.

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