This work not only transforms the way you think about your business, it changes the way you feel about yourself.
— Cindy, Canada

You guys! The biz model and our confidence in it were built at the Purpose Led Business School. Thank you!
— Sheena, Canada

My business has had a MEGA transformation. I’ve been recommending this to all of my friends and to anyone who is ready to grow fast.
— Shelley, Canada

Scale Up Summer School was an eye opening experience. I’m lucky to have been brought in to a quickly scaling start up, and to have the opportunity to learn how best to support our organization in creating the business functions that will guide us smoothly as we grow.
— Kerry, Somadetect
Together with the coaching we’ve received from Dorothy, Scale Up Summer School provided an opportunity to further apply concepts in scaling with respect to both human dynamics and business functions. It was great to explore our company so that we can ensure the positive social, economical and environmental impacts we want to make.
— Bethany, CANADA