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The Imaginal School is a 12-session virtual program intentionally designed to give Founders, and Business Leaders the opportunity to design and develop growth strategies which integrates Human Dynamics and Business Mechanics. Often, they are looked at separately, but for value and impact they need to align with your strategy. In the School, you will be provided with the tools and methodology that will help build your leadership capability. Businesses don't transform, people do, and leaders go first!

The outcomes you will achieve from participating in the Imaginal School are:

• Advance/boost your leadership skills from managing your personal energy, that of the teams and the business to learning how to integrate human dynamics with business mechanics to create a resilient organisation.

• Improve your communication skills allowing you to establish and maintain a culture of understanding and high performance.

• Learn how to build prosperous relationships that create a positive climate that enhances a culture of diversity and inclusion.

• Design and develop the activation plan for implementing your new, focused priorities and begin to implement this plan which will lead to the growth and impact you’ve identified for yourself and your business.

The Imaginal School helped me to become more conscious about things that I was doing unconsciously.  I started to view my professional behaviour from different perspectives and discovered growth opportunities. I learned about useful tools to use in both personal and professional relationships and communication! I also enjoyed mornings with Laurissa and Lauren! They bring super positive energy to the team!Anahit

Program Detail:

Date: Dates for 2023 coming soon

Cost: $4500 (CAD) + HST

Session 1 and 2: Foundation

Within the first two sessions we lay the foundation of the Conscious Business Operating System (CBOS) and why it is important. To increase organisational resilience, it is critical to focus on integrating human dynamics into your business strategy. Specific tools in this week will include philosophy, purpose, value and impact, roadmap and journey, and context.

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