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Scale-up Program

The Imaginal Scale-up Program is a modern and innovative virtual program that allows founders and leaders to chart their own paths to personal and professional success while navigating the common roadblocks that prevent companies from scaling up in the right way.

The program provides founders with the resources, training, tools, and networking opportunities needed to focus on growing their businesses. The program supports leaders to design, develop and then implement strategies that will create sustainable growth, uses evidence-based techniques that teach conscious decision-making, and builds a solid foundation to accelerate growth and impact.

“The Imaginal Ventures program felt equivalent to an MBA program for entrepreneurs. I'm thankful for all the learning, tools, coaching and mentorship that helped us further grow our social enterprise. I've grown significantly as an entrepreneur as a result of this program, gaining richer awareness of the different facets of a business, and thereby taking a more systems-informed approach to making decisions. A huge shout out to the team for a successful program!”
Natasha Sidi, Accelerate her Future

The investment Program

The Investment Program sits alongside the Imaginal Scale-up Program.

It is designed to prepare founders for interfacing with investors. The Program teaches impact investing and measurement, including best practices around investing in uncertain times. Workshops are delivered through mixed methodology including tailored content, guest speakers or subject experts, and live Q&A. Participants within the Program will also be able to access supplemental videos, tools, and resources to reinforce the learnings and progress from the live sessions.

The Outcomes

Upon completing the Program, you will have:

  • Understanding of how to interact with investors
  • Support in selecting investment opportunities
  • Understanding of the deal mechanics associated with investment
  • Identified, developed, and built the Purpose and Values for your business that confirms what you stand for and why you are in business.
  • Created your business’s Positioning Statement which clearly communicates the space you occupy in the marketplace.
  • Articulated your Vision and identified the qualitative and quantitative impacts both on the business and ecosystem in which you operate.
  • Completed your organisational design, including the allocation of resources and capacity requirements for every function within the business.
  • Developed and begun to implement business’s overall strategy.
  • Increased and grown your overall capabilities.

The Programs

To view our current Programs, the criteria and to complete the application, please click below

Impact Report 2021-2022

View our Impact Report from the Scale-Up Program 2021

Participants of the 2021 Scale-up

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