Tulum Mexico - Feb 3 - 10, 2020.

Trusted Leadership: Embodying The Shift From Fear to Trust | Co-Led by Dorothy Spence and Sandra Anderson


Developing trust requires the brave step of accepting self-responsibility and learning to trust ourselves. This year, the context of the retreat  is Embodying the Shift From Fear to Trust.  The  desired outcome of this program is being able to shift your unconscious beliefs, thoughts and resulting actions to trust. 

The sessions are a combination of Imaginal Ventures’ Conscious Business Operating System, Yogic Philosophy, and Neuroscience. This program is for you if: 


  • You have experience seeing how staying locked in a reactive, fear based response directly impacts and shows up in your business as confusion, overwhelm, anxiety and dissipated energy. 

  •   You’re looking to scale your business and foster a sense of trust within yourself and your business.

  • Your leadership team needs leveling up in their skills and alignment to the evolution of the vision.


Embodying the shift requires not only the cognitive understanding of the principles, but a sensory experience.  Immersing your business into Trusted Leadership enables you to develop a cohesive, aligned operating system that supports scaling your impact.


This program includes:


  • Daily yoga practices

  • In-class training

  • Accommodations 

  • Meals


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Building Trusted Leadership.

Costa Rica March 30 - April 6, 2019 - SOLD OUT

Set on the Osa peninsula, this retreat is designed to support entrepreneurs who’re seeking advanced growth by gaining leadership skills & deep healing. The focus of these retreats is on cultivating a sense of trust on a personal level & a commercial level.


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Our retreats are set in intentional locations around the globe that create a space for deep healing, reflection & learning. We keep the groups small, so you get an intimate experience designed to support mastery.