We believe

now more than ever, business can be a force for good. Globally we are experiencing flux, friction, change and uncertainty; which has resulted in a lack of trust in our political, economic, social and technological systems.

There’s an opportunity for businesses to focus their efforts on The Worlds To Do List; the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We work with businesses who share this vision.

Businesses don’t transform, people do, and leaders go first.

Conscious Business Operating System Philosophy

We built the Conscious Business Operating System based on our essential philosophy that by building trust and making conscious choices, a stabilizing effect is created for business and society. 

This operating system creates a common language which removes ambiguity and enables growth to occur at a pace which you choose. We look at business growth and impact through a lens of four integrated systems.

 Most businesses initially focus on today’s growth and the infrastructure required to support that growth; which is Profit & Loss.  Often, there is a focus on future growth, culture and people separately; if they have the time, the resources, and or if there’s a problem.

Conscious Business Operating System.png

The Conscious Business Operating System looks at integrating and aligning 4 separate areas of growth.  The 1st area is designed to bring in Today’s Revenue. The 2nd area, Infrastructure is designed to support todays revenue. 

The 3rd area Strategic Growth, is focused on the conscious choices required for future growth.  These choices influence the strategy of today’s growth & infrastructure to enable leverage, scale and impact.  

The first three areas we refer to as the Business Mechanics.  These areas would not be effective without people.

The 4th area, Human Dynamics is focused on people, and building their collective capability to deliver every phase of growth required by the conscious choices made in the Business Mechanics.

Once the Human Dynamic System is interwoven throughout the Business Mechanics, it becomes a Conscious Business Operating System

When your business focuses simultaneously on building and integrating the four systems; it allows resource allocations to be adjusted for each phase of growth.