The Big Shift.


It happened. The tipping point has begun the shift of outdated ways of thinking. You see it everywhere — mindfulness practices entering into corporate environments, healthier options for our meals and leaders that are deciding its time to take a stand.

Imaginal Ventures began with a wake-up call. When “the way we’ve always done it” became harmful, we decided to do something about it. A better way to lead a meaningful life & building businesses that change the world.


Imaginal cells are the catalyst behind the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly. When the growth of the caterpillar begins to plateau, imaginal cells begin to awaken. At first, they’re rejected by the collective. With less energy entering into the caterpillar, the imaginal cells begin to thrive.

Energy in business is purpose and money. The roadmap to scaling has shifted in an environment where archaic practices are no longer serving the planet, people or economy. We are the ecosystem that is shifting collective consciousness from fear to trust to love.