Revenue – every business needs a flow of money to keep it going. It then needs the Infrastructure to support todays growth. 

While doing that it also needs an eye of creating Future Strategic Growth and a planned infrastructure to support that growth.  

What is a business if it doesn’t have people?  How the people in the business are integrated into the three other systems is what we call the, Human Dynamics, the 4th system.   This is what we refer to as the integration of Human Dynamics & Business Mechanics.

A business which makes conscious decisions is fully aware of the integrations of these 4 systems.  They move around in priority depending on the phase of growth of the business. 

In order to achieve this a business needs an eye on the future as well as on today.  This is an area which is often put aside because of time pressures. This plays a vital role for consciously taking the business into the future and the biggest predictor of growth.