Sheena Russell - Founder @ Made with Local

After finishing the Purpose Led Business School, things began to shake up in Sheena’s business. Her vision was to take her local company to the next level so she could scale the impact her company was having. A few months later, her company has gone National — with their products on shelves across Canada.

What’s more? Made with Local’s business model employs marginalized people with disabilities. They’ve now created hundreds of jobs in rural areas, and spreading the love. Sheena has gone on to be a long-term client of our Advisory Services to support her in her growth.

Dr. Ben Connolly, Founder - @ Cornerstone Naturopathic

Dr. Ben Connolly has watched his business take off once he got clear about the purpose of his work. He candidly shares his journey of not only his business growth, but his personal growth. Ben shares how quickly things changed when he was able to align his purpose. Cornerstone Naturopathic is the first of it’s kind as an evidence based clinic, helping people discover how to live long and healthy lives.

Becky Keen, Solo Entrepreneur & Coach -

Becky shares her experience in an corporate culture that was soul-sucking for her. Her business has taken off, adding to another success story. “It’s only when I look back on it that I wish I had jumped sooner because what I’ve learned is that it doesn't have to be hard to make moneyAnd if you don't believe that, then I invite you to question the beliefs and stories that tell you otherwise.

I’ve tripled my revenue in the last 6 months, hired a team to support me and done more inside my business than ever before.”