The Impact of Polarization


Recently, we’re beginning to see and feel drastic global polarization. 

These polarizations have drummed up a lot of uncertainty and even fear, making it increasingly difficult for us to come together in the spirit of collaboration and solve these challenges.

On an individual level, this stress and anxiety wreaks havoc on the nervous system and causes certain neural circuitry to fire and wire.  This is problematic since the lense through which we see the world depends on these pathways. When our systems are constantly under attack, we have a bias towards seeing things in a negative light.  

This negativity bias becomes a loop.  Like a broken record that continues to show us proof of our beliefs.

There is good news, though.  Through the increasing need for change, we’re seeing businesses stepping up to the plate.  Recently, the Business Roundtable in the United States  has made statements about redefining what the purpose of a corporation from maximizing shareholder’s value to a broader view of the stakeholders including communities and the environment. 

"Americans deserve an economy that allows each person to succeed through hard work and creativity and to lead a life of meaning and dignity.  We believe the free-market system is the best means of generating good jobs, a strong and sustainability economy, innovation, a healthy environment and economic opportunity for all."
 - Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation, US Business Roundtable


The responsibility of stabilizing the world depends on us as leaders and individuals. To shift our mindsets from fear to trust. In February, we’ll be heading to Mexico for a retreat on embodying this shift.  To give leaders the tools they need to stop the negative feedback loop and bring lasting change to the world.

We invite you to join us. 


Imaginal Ventures.