How To Tell If Trust Is Missing

Trust has been a hot topic for a while now.  It directly impacts the stability of your business and has an effect on whether it survives or thrives.  Since trust is the key to prosperous, healthy relationships -- it’s something worth paying attention to.

Since trust can be a matter of perception, it can be challenging to find concrete ways to identify if trust is compromised in the workplace.  In essence, -- 

Are you getting the results you want? 

Behaviour can show you how much trust there is.  It points directly to the unspoken and subtle aspects of relationships.  When trust is lacking it feels destabilizing. You know when something feels “off” or harder than it needs to be.

Here are 3 ways to tell if trust is missing:

  1. The Silo Effect:  There’s limited collaboration, information sharing and cooperation.

  2. Blame Game:  Finger-pointing, complaining and blame continues to happen.

  3. Wobbles:  A lack of alignment between words and behaviours.

If you’ve felt that one or all of these are showing up, consider taking a look at the gaps that might be in your business.  Since building your business as a force for good requires solid relationships, it’s something worth looking at!

In our GrowthHack program, we help you identify where you are on the Trust Barometer, so you can create a game plan to build more trust.

Yes! I want more trust!

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Dorothy Spence