Know Thyself: 3 Big Challenges You Face During Scale-Up

When you started your business, did it sort of ‘just happen’?  An ad hoc, hap-hazzard, mish-mash of serendipitous moments & introductions?  

Your focus may have been on the really practical aspects like where is the money going to come from? Who’re we going to hire for help as this baby grows?!

At some point, when you begin to scale -- 3 big questions begin to become increasingly more obvious:  

Who are you.  And I don’t mean existentially speaking.  I mean what is it that you truly stand for?  How do you make your choices? Is there crystal clarity?

What are your superpowers & Achilles heels.  What strengths & weaknesses do your team have? What about the capability in the business?

Where are you headed?  Do you know with conviction where you’re going?  To what size are you growing the business?

Earlier in the year, several founders came together for our Trusted Leadership program to take a look at these 3 things.  As the leader, it’s your responsibility to make conscious choices that shape the landscape of your business’ future.  

If you’re interested in building a higher degree of trust as a competitive advantage, develop greater innovation within your company & learn how to design integrated systems that support scale-up, check out next year’s Trusted Leadership program in Tulum, Mexico. 

Seats are going fast, so hop on over!

With Love,

Imaginal Gals

PS - We HAD to share Made with Local’s big news.  They’re officially now in Loblaws stores across CANADA!  How’s that for scale-up with purpose?!