About Us

Meet the team

Dorothy Spence
The CEO/Founder
Suki Laniado Smith
Co-Creator / The Cathedral Builder
Emma Parkington
Digital Solutions Architect
Laurissa Manning
The Community Builder
Lauren Sears
The Changer-Maker
Tracy Gravesande
Product Architect
Pauline Armour
Director of Business Development


That was John Lennon’s powerful message to humanity. He envisioned a better future and encouraged us to step into it.

That’s exactly what Imaginal Ventures is all about - we envision a future where all businesses are a force for good.


What's in a name

Names and words are important, and we just love the meaning behind our name! It typifies everything that we stand for. The name was a eureka moment for our founder Dorothy Spence, during a training session she attended where she heard a story about imaginal cells, and it resonated with her so much that this is where our journey began.


The eureka moment…

Imaginal cells are the catalyst behind the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly. When the growth of the caterpillar begins to plateau, imaginal cells begin to awaken. At first, they’re rejected by the collective. With less energy entering the caterpillar, the imaginal cells begin to thrive.

This was the wake-up call we needed. We realised that “the way we’ve always done it” was no longer working and we decided to do something about it. A better way to lead a meaningful life and build businesses that can change the world.

We’re a purpose-led (we practice what we teach!) small team completely committed to you and your success.

From the Inside Out

We have a passion for building businesses from the inside out.

The way in which businesses operate today is limiting their success. Traditionally, businesses design from the outside in which means they look at the market and competitors, consolidate the information gathered and then use it to make choices on how the business is run.

But in today’s world we know that businesses need to be sustainable. We know that we need to focus on the Human Dynamics within a business to make it work. That is, placing a focus on the culture and the people within businesses and ensuring teams play an integral role in the devising of the processes, systems, and structures from the very beginning.

This is where the Conscious Business Operating System comes in!

We have designed a system, the Conscious Business Operating System, that integrates business mechanics with human dynamics and looks at growth and impact through the lens of four integrated systems: Revenue, Infrastructure, Strategic Growth and Human Dynamics. When your business focuses simultaneously on building and integrating the four systems; it means that resources can be allocated and adjusted for each phase of growth.

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